I've only been open for a very short time, but here's a selection of emails I've received after my customers have received their deliveries (and a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who has made these comments - This is why I enjoy running Splat Comics so much!):


Hi Darren,

Two Batman Silver age comics ordered and received in record time, the quality on both is very well graded and extremely pleased to have found your site and made some purchases. Unfortunately they won't be the last, bye eBay ...hello Splat Comics.


Hi Darren
Hope you are well
Thank y
ou for letter !
I am very pleased with every comic I  have purchased from yourself  and would like to express thanks for the recent order . Your honesty and integrity is refreshing and I thank you for the refund . 
Every purchase from yourself has been of high quality and cannot recommend Splat Comics more highly , hence my positive feedback . Please add me to the list of positive feedback received within your website  
I will continue to purchase from yourself in future and thank you for all the extra's kindly sent with my purchases 
Kind Regards 


Darren and Splat! Comics are a credit to the comic book collectible community and a superb example of how to do business.

I should be at the far-too-old-for-this nonsense stage of life (well I am; I simply accept growing older while refusing to grow up -- a motto to live by) but my own small, but very specific/ personal collection was bolstered recently by purchases at Splat! Comics.

Darren is a collector as well as a seller and clearly understands the seriousness and passion with which this (comic book) art form can be taken -- his grading is excellent and measured but overall his items are slightly under-graded/ under-valued; this ensures each purchaser gets at least what they paid for and, quite often, more than they expected in terms of quality of product.

His customer service and communications throughout the process -- with an "ask any question any time" policy -- is excellent too; updates on sales/ dispatching also keep the buyer fully informed.

To cap it all, the comics are superbly and safely packed, with an inner wrapping/ packaging that will appeal to the inner-geek in all of us.

A first class comic book store with a first class service run by a first class guy.

Ross from Prestwick


Hey Darren,
Thanks for wonderful cooperation and customer service :) I've received the books and they're fantastic :) most of my friends are nerds, so I'll make sure to recommend you guys whenever possible :) If you have a boss, show him this email so that he gives you a rise for the amazing job you do (if you're self-employed, well, give yourself a rise ;) )
Thanks again, bye


Hi Darren,
Got the comic today. Very impressed the packaging and fast delivery. Happy with the deal mate. Look forward to doing business again.

Regards, Mark


Just wanting to let you know I've received my items today and couldn't be happier. The quality of the books, sharp grading and the lovely touch of wrapping paper made it a great experience.

I wish you the very best and look forward to perusing your site in the near future.
Kind regards,


Perhaps u should be called WOW COMICS! Because u do have a wow factor. Looks like i'll be surfing by ur site again. Thank you Darren.



Thank you well you have deffo won me over and freebies are always appreciated :p also exciting to get something you aren't expecting. I will be placing my order tomorrow for sure when I have a little longer to browse everything :) 
Regards Jamie 



The force is strong with this one! It worked. Payment made. Thank you again for all your assistance. First class service. K


Hi Darren

Absolutely loved your website. Really puts the fun back into shopping for comics. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to search for all of my wish list, so I thought I'd better pay up for that Spidey, but I will definitely be back for a look over Xmas.

Have a great Christmas



Hi Darren,

I just wanted to drop you an email to let you know how impressed I was with your site and the level of customer service you provide.

I buy a lot of comics from various places (much to the disgust of my girlfriend) and can honestly say I have never been so pleased when I received my order as I was when I opened the package you sent. 

- The comics were all accurately graded which is sometimes a rarity.

- The packaging was first rate, no chance of them being damaged in the post as regularly happens when ordering from some sites that insist on posting comics in soft envelopes. The spider-man stickers and wrapping paper were a nice touch too.

- Frequent updates on my orders status were appreciated. I sometimes order from sites and hear nothing for two weeks leaving me wondering if the books will ever arrive!

- Personal touches - The note you included with my order regarding the missing book and the lengths you went to in order to rectify its absence were again quite simply above and beyond.

You have definitely secured a regular customer and I will mention the site to friends and groups I chat with online.

All the best for the future and good luck with the business. With the service you are providing you deserve to be the most successful comic store on the web.

Kind regards


Hi Darren,

Just a quick message to say thank you for the fast turnaround for my order, which I received the yesterday.

Also, may I thank you for the note you put in about my loyalty points status, I really appreciated it and will certainly be using them in the very near future.

Finally may I commend you on your excellent customer service, I will definitely be recommending you, when anybody asks who to suggest as a good, reliable mail order service.

Thanks once again.




> Hi Darren,

> Many thanks for the excellent service, you obviously really care.

> Really appreciate the carefully packaging, fast delivery, Spider-man 
> wrapping paper and the personal handwritten note ( with Superman 
> sticker ).

> I only buy from a small list of trusted suppliers, as only a few truly 
> care about their customers and the products they sell - Happy to say Splat 
> are now on that list, and I will be a returning customer.

> Once again many many thanks for the excellent service

> Toby