Welcome to SPLAT COMICS !

This shop is designed to deliver a simple way of finding the comics you are looking for, whether that be by your favourite character, your favourite team, your favourite publisher, by condition / grade, by price or by anything else you wish to search on !

This INTRODUCTORY PAGE will try to explain what you need to know about the site in order to navigate your way around as quickly as possible, so please take a couple of minutes to read what's written here and, of course, you can always come back to this page later if you forget something or just want a reminder

Topics covered below in more detail are:

There are several ways to search on this site

If you're just starting out in comic collecting, try the Starter Packs in SPECIALS > STARTER PACKS

If you're trying to buy comics about your favourite Character or Team, try our CHARACTER and TEAM pages, where you'll find a link to the comics we have where your favourite Character or Team appear. These pages don't list every single appearance but they are a very good starting point if you don't know the name of the comics you're looking for, but you do know what you want to read about

If you've got a very specific comic in mind, use the SEARCH box at the top of the page. Just type in the name of the comic, or a part of the name, and the search will return all items in stock with your text string in the product name, so if you type "Four", you'll see all comics with the word "Four" in the name so you'll see Fantastic Four as well as things like Four Horsemen

If you want to see a full list of comics in stock, the best way is just to type the hash symbol # in the search box and hit enter. The hash symbol # appears in almost every product name, so you'll get a full list of comics returned

And finally, if you've got time to kill and just want to enjoy browsing, then use the Categories at the top of each page. I recommend having a good look through the SPECIALS category, where there are subcategories for BOOKS AND GRAPHIC NOVELS, 2000AD, BRITISH COMICS and OTHER COOL STUFF. Other Cool Stuff contains a lot of items which have been gathered while collecting the stock list like Horror Magazines, Marvel Collector Packs, Treasury Editions, Promotional Giveaways plus a host of other oddments. Well worth a look !

Also, while searching, please bear in mind the FILTER section on the left hand side of the page where you can filter on
A little word of warning though, the first filter usually works pretty fast but if you apply a second filter it can be a little slow. I'm working with the IT guys to fix this, but it is proving to be a bit of a resilient problem. Sorry !


SPLAT COMICS rewards regular customers in a BIG way !

For every £1 you spend (excluding delivery), you will receive 1 Loyalty Point, which has a value of 10p when redeemed against a future order

You must collect 100 Loyalty Points in order to spend them (which equates to £10). You do not have to spend your points immediately, you can save them for a later date if you want to spend them all against a larger purchase for example

Loyalty Points expire after 3 months, BUT... and this is a BIG BUT ... as long as you place an order within THREE MONTHS of your previous order, your previous Loyalty Points balance will NOT expire !

This means that if you place at least one order with us every three months, you will never lose your Loyalty Points (unless you spend them) and you will maintain a permanent 10% discount to the cost of your comics !


As a Comic Collector myself, I know how punitive postage and delivery rates are. So let me give you the best of my advice on how to shop here as economically as possible

Delivery Rates are calculated by weight of item. So to get value for money, you need to try to get as close to the upper limit of a weight range, without going over the top, into the next weight range

The UK delivery rates on this site are calculated as follows:

Up to 1kg = £6.00 (about 10 comics max, 60p per comic)
Up to 2kg = £8.00 (about 20 comics max, 40p per comic)
Up to 5kg = £14.50 (about 50 comics max, 29p per comic)
Up to 10kg = £18.00 (about 100 comics max, 18p per comic)

As you can see, the more comics you buy, the cheaper the postage per comic becomes

But also, inside a single delivery rate, if you try to order enough comics to get close to the top of the weight limit, the delivery charge per comic goes down, for example, if you order 30 comics, your delivery charge will be £14.50, which is 48p per comic, but if you order 50 comics the charge is still the same at £14.50 but the price per comic drops to 29p per comic

The delivery charges on this site are priced by taking the Royal Mail / Parcelforce delivery charge and adding approximately £1.50, which is the price I pay for the custom delivery boxes. I make zero profit on Delivery


As a Comic Collector myself, I know how I want my comics to be delivered to me and that's how I will pack them before delivering to you

All comics will be bagged and boarded, and placed in a custom designed delivery box which has a special design to ensure that the corners of the comics are well protected. This is achieved by having an overhanging crumple zone on the delivery box

For large orders (over size items like books or comic orders for more than 50 comics) I'll pack the order in a different way, in a larger box, with protective polystyrene peanuts or crumpled paper to protect from impact

Where Gift Wrap is ordered (see the SPECIALS category for Gift Wrap), I'll gift wrap the comics as one bundle before boxing them, so that when you receive the delivery, you unbox the comics, and they are ready to hand over to the person you want to make happy !


New stock is added to the site regularly. If you submit your email address to me, I will add you to a STOCK ALERT emailing which will inform you of all new items added on the day they are added. I'm planning to make a STOCK ALERT mailing only once or twice a month, so you won't feel like you're getting spammed !

There are two ways to submit your email address to the site. One is when you're filling in an order after you make a purchase, the other is to create a customer account. I recommend both !

In the next few months I will be adding stock to the shop on a very frequent basis, quite probably every day, so I'd recommend either checking back regularly or submitting your email as soon as possible !


I do have Cents and Pence copies of many Marvels in stock. My plan is to add the Variant details to the Product name in future. But in the meantime, if you have a preference, please email me with your preference and if I have the variant you want in stock, I'll send you that one. If I don't, I'll send you what I do have

I expect to have the Variants properly described in the Product Name in the latter half of 2015. Apologies for taking so long but I have over 20,000 items yet to add to stock before I go back to look at the Variants situation !

That's all for now. Please check this page every now and then because if I need to let you know anything else important about how to shop at WWW.SPLATCOMICS.COM, then I'll tell you here !

Many thanks for reading, and even bigger thanks for visiting !

Happy hunting

Regards, The Owner