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Coming Soon to Splat Comics

NEWS UPDATE 21st October 2015

WOW what a huge amount of comics I've just added to the site over the last fortnight ! 

It's been longer coming than I thought, but finally most of my promises have now been fulfilled and they're all on the shop

So what's been added ?

All the DC Comics from recent years (huge amount of New 52 and the preceding 10 years)

Loads of Marvel all the way from the 60's to date

A massive amount of Independents, including a couple of boxes from the 60's and a load of Star Trek and Star Wars. Large runs of Buffy and Angel. Tom Strong, Promethea, Rising Stars etc

What's missing?

Still got some work to do. I need to properly list the 60's Batman, Detective, Flash, Green lantern & Justice League because they got mixed up with my convention stock and so there are some holes in the list. This will be done as soon as I can get onto it

The 2000A.D. is still sitting there looking at me. I'll get it on the shop in early 2016

And finally loads of random stuff is still to be added, but this will have to go to the bottom of the queue and be mid 2016 I think


Right now I have an actual photo of every comic on the shop waiting to be uploaded to the site. Now don't get too carried away thinking that this will happen soon, please, because there are technical problems to overcome in doing this, and a lot of preparation work also to be done, but I do now have 30,000 actual photos to add ! Im hoping that these will be on before the end of the year, by 31st December 2015

After the MCM convention I did attend two more conventions, the Royal National in London and the London Film and Comic Con in Olympia, both of them around June / July time. But my convention adventures are on hold for a while now. They've been a great experience and superb fun, but have distracted from getting the shop fully stocked ... but as you can see, the shop is now almost fully stocked, and with photos to add soon, the shop should be a great place to browse and have fun collecting

If you don't mind the condition of your comics when it comes to having price stickers on, then please check out the LESS THAN £1 category because there are hundreds of NM comics which I've graded at FN because of a price sticker, and they are all less than £1, usually 50p ... so have fun, I think they will move fast !

Until next time, have a great experience on the website

Kind Regards, The Owner


The first half of the year has been a busy time at Splat Comics

We've attended 5 conventions in total, four of them Golden Orbit conventions, in Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. And the final one was the biggie ... the MCM Comicon in the Excel Centre in London on the 22nd to the 24th of May

This last one was a major distraction from all the stock updating activities which were planned for the first half of the year. Apologies for that ! A lot of stock had to be bagged boarded priced and graded for the convention, and this took a lot longer than was first thought (5,000 comics takes a lot of preparation !)

But things are now back on track, and back to normal, and so over the coming weeks Splat Comics will see numerous updates of stock. This will be a combination of putting stock back onto the internet shop which was taken off for the MCM Comicon, and also stock which is still waiting to be uploaded to the shop for the first time

Currently, missing stock consists of:

Fantastic Four
Iron Man
Old DC's
New 52's

The intention is to put all this back onto the shop as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, Splat Comics is also running a major Summer Marketing Campaign with a discount codeword giving 25% off all purchases (in addition to the normal 10% Loyalty Points !)

The codeword is SUMMERSAVINGS NOW EXPIRED, thanks to all who took advantage of this offer !

Enjoy !

Regards, The Owner

Batman Volume 1 from issue 120 up, solid run, high grade ADDED 27/11/14

Detective Comics Volume 1 from issue 260 up, solid run, high grade ADDED 27/11/14

Green Lantern Volume 1 from issue 1 - 75, solid run, high grade, plus Showcase 22, 23, 24 ADDED 27/11/14

Justice League America Volume 1 from issue 1 - 50, solid run, high grade ADDED 27/11/14

A huge selection of DC Comics from the last 10 years, 5,000 comics, solid runs, high grades ADDED 21/10/15

Wolverine 1- 120 ADDED 21/10/15

Thor Volume 1 from issue 120 up, solid run, solid grades ADDED 21/10/15

Uncanny X-Men issue 94 up, solid run, high grades, including Giant Size #1 ADDED 21/10/15

Silver Surfer Volume 2, issue 1 up, solid run, high grades ADDED 21/10/15

Several thousand 1960's Marvel Comics, mainstream titles, mid grades, including Daredevil #1, Tales to Astonish #39 (first Iron Man), Fantastic Four #48, #49 & #50, Avengers #2 MANY ADDED 17/12/14

Several thousand 1960's - 1970's independents, mid grades ADDED 21/10/15

About a hundred CGC comics (I've got to decide which to send off and it takes around 2 months for them to be returned)  PUT ON HOLD

And still another 10,000 assorted Marvel, DC and Independents from 1970's to date as yet unsorted ! ADDED 21/10/15

And finally, it's part of the plan for the near future (early 2015) to have images of all items in stock. In general, this will be "stock images" but the more valuable items will have "actual images" so that, for these higher value items, you can assess the condition of the item you are buying before you buy it !  COMING VERY VERY SOON, before 31st December 2015

It's going to be a lot of fun listing these comics for your enjoyment. Hope you join me for the journey ... please check back regularly and / or submit your email address when you buy, or through the Contact Us Form and get added to the Stock Update emailing list so that you get to know about every new comic the instant it's entered onto the system !

Looking forward to partnering you as you build your collection

Best Wishes, The Owner